2 paintings a month by Debbie Slowey Raguso

This is Diana, the Huntress. She is to give strength to the young woman of our society. She is strong and confident, accompanied by her hunting hound (my neighbors German Shepard, "Ranger"). The house across the lake (Lake Hiawatha in Syracuse NY) is 113 Elosie Terrace where I lived my childhood. Behind the park is "the Back Park" a place of freedom where I was allowed to walk, dream and be a child among the magic of the place. 

Very happy and grateful to be taking the co starters class for Artists trough a collaboration between TEc Garage at St Pete College and Creative Pinellus. I  have a goal of consistency in my production and even have come to terms with the fact that I am creating a product that has a specific costumer.  Canvases are the same size 36" x 36". created with an awareness of the amount of hours each has taken