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Deb began her career as an artist as soon as she could hold a crayon. It was the beginning of a personal very unique artistic vision.

At 11 years old, she was asked to paint a mural in the community. " I loved the experience because as became engaged in the project, I realized that I could gain a ‘social fitting’ doing what I loved to do." Deb said.

She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with the four year Certificate.

The Academy provided independent learning experiences. She was immersed into the great museum artists and was able to interact not only with instructors, but also serious student artists which solidified the Fine Artist path as a fellowship through the ages.

Prior to the Academy she studied two years with Modernist Master Painter Tom Bostelle in Chadds Ford PA and also 2 year anesthetic art courses at the Barnes Foundation School of Art.

After the Pennsylvania Academy, in lieu of graduate school, she moved to NYC. She was mentored by a former Academy teacher Will Barnet and also learned about the gallery system. Fine art printmaking became a focus for Deb as she learned from Bob Blackburn at the PMW atelier.

NYC was exciting and she lived the artist life for 20 years in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. After the World Trade Center disaster, she moved out to the country where she is said to have enjoyed being the ‘big fish in the little pond’ for a time. Weather and life circumstance lead her to Florida.

 With all the space that countryside out of the city provided, she began a series of environmental installations of spider webs in situ. "I would send magnificent webs aloft in fields or anyplace where I could attract an audience.

Her current studio is strategically located equal distance (20 mins) to 3 Florida cities- Tampa, Sarasota and St Petersburg. Each has its own wonderful museum and artist enclaves.

Her teaching is strong as evidenced by the attitudes and production that she instills in her Fine Art students. Printmaking is technique that shw teaches often as it easily transcends obstacles of learning resistance by its positive nature guided of collaboration.  


2018 Guanlan Printmaking Museum of China; Shenzhen, China

2018 "Resist and Recover" KYO Gallery; Alexandria, VA

2018 "Self Portraits" ZhouB Gallery,; Chicago, IL

2018 Art House, WCA Florida City of Casselberry FL

2017 and 2018 "Exquisite Corpse Game" Museum of Art, Chihuly and Chamber of Commerce- St Petersburg, Fl

2017 “Instructors Show” Art Center of Manatee, Bradenton, FL

2016* “Motion XI”  Manatee Memorial Hospital, Bradenton. FL

2014 “Florida Flavor” Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, FL

2014 “Members Show” Galley @ 620, St Petersburg, FL

2014  “Five by Five” Tampa Museum of Art, Art After Dark, Tampa, FL

2013 “Motion XI” Plato’s Gallery, Village of the Arts, Bradenton, FL

2012 “Motion XI” Menaul Art Gallery, Clearwater FL

2012 “Motion XI” Sunrise Art Gallery, Indian Rocks Beach FL

2012 “I Love Clearwater” Chamber of Commerce, Clearwater FL

2012 “Art on the Water” Brian Taylor Enterprizes, Jackson’s, Tampa FL

2012 “Instructors Show”  Beach Art Center, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

2011* “Shark!” Wabi Sabi Gallery, Indian Rocks Beach FL

2011 “Reaction to the Oil Crisis” Artful Living Gallery, St Petersburg FL

2010 “Art After Dark” Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa FL

2010 “Annual Art Exhibition” Mote Marine Aquarium, Sarasota FL

2010 “Instructors Show”  Beach Art Center, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

2007  “Homebound”  Williams Park, St Petersburg, FL

2006* “10 Year Retrospective” (solo) Hasbrouck House Museum, Woodbourne, NY

2005 “Open Studio Tour” Catskill Art Society,  Sullivan County NY

2004 “Annual” Beck Gallery, Hurleyville Museum, Hurleyville NY

2002 “Open Studio Tour” Catskill Art Society,  Sullivan County NY

2002*  “Webs” (solo) State University of NY Sullivan, Lock Sheldrake NY

2002 “Annual” Beck Gallery, Hurleyville Museum, Hurleyville NY

2000 “From Aardvark to Zebra” Anchorage Museum of Art, AL

98 “Workshop Artists” Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop, NYC NY

98 “Wall to Wall” Lower Manhattan Art Council,  NYC, NY

97 “Faculty and Guests” College of Mt St Vincent, Riverdale NY

97 “Workshop Artists” Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop, NYC NY

96 “Visions of Hope”  College of Mt St Vincent, Riverdale NY

97 “NY Artist Equity 50th Anniversary” Broome Street Gallery, NYC

96 “Workshop Artists” Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop, NYC NY

95 “NGO traveling exhibit” United Nation’s 4th World Conference on Women, Beijing China

95  “Downtown Artist’s Guild Annual” Times Square Gallery, NYC

95 “Workshop Artists” Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop, NYC NY

94  “Blackburn’s Artists” Pras Wildlife Sanctuary, Arana Curitiba, Brazil

94  “Project Wildlife” The Great Frame Up, San Diego CA

93*  “Deb Slowey 89- 93” (solo) Chuck Levitan Gallery, Soho NYC, NY

93  “Group Show” Gregg Gallery,  National Arts Club, NYC, NY

93  “Eleven Diverse Artists” Gilford Gallery, NYC, NY

93 “Six Diverse Artists” Kevin Cooper Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

95  “Downtown Artist’s Guild Annual” Times Square Gallery, NYC

92 “Selections from the Printmaking Workshop” Pace University, NYC

91 “Peter & Dick Barnet & Deb Slowey” Frederick Boyden Gallery, St Mary’s College, MD



2016 Art Center of Manatee, Bradenton FL

2011 Beach Art Center, Indian Rocks Beach FL

2004 Catskill Art Association, Hurleyville NY

1998 College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale NY



2013 “ Art Book Tampa Bay” The Museum Fine Arts, St Pete FL

1999 “From Aardvark to Zebra” Anchorage Museum of Art, Anchorage Alaska


Education and independent studies

  • 1983 -1979 Graduate from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

  • 1982 - 1980 The Barnes Foundation under Dr. Barnes's successor Violette De Mazia

  • 2012 - 1982 Mentor- Will Barnet

  • 1996 - 1989 Intern Bob Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop

  • 1997 - 1994 Gallery assistant Sylvan Cole International Fine Print Dealers Association

  • 2007 - 1984 Workshops, lectures classes at  Art Students League, National Academy of Design, & National Arts Club

  • 1979 - 1977 Apprenticeship with Tom Bostelle that included museum study throughout the United States.



Printmaking Workshop Permanent Collection

The United States Embassy France

St Mary’s College Maryland

Rock Gardens Inn

Downingtown High School Permanent collection.


 Artist Statement

       I create paintings, which engage the viewer with both visual and intellectual subjects that tell stories about a personal myth, a legend or a story placed in a moment of time. The stories can take place in the past or the future, and often include my interest in the science of optics, biology and physics. These stories are grand narratives that include a human and an animal, and their relationship to each other. These works have a familiar quality to them, and are ambiguous, allowing the viewer to use their own imagination. 

       Curiosity and the importance of curiosity is something that drives my work. Through representational paintings, I create narratives that are slightly familiar and inclusive, yet use “chance” by setting up a prescribed repeatable formula by random access. By using both the child’s game to tossing “pick up sticks” to form the begining lines of the composition and rolling dice to choose the colors for the work, is fun.  Explorations are juxtaposed to the structure of numerology and geometrical theory Golden section and Phi in nature in order to create a genre that will communicate across cultures of geographic, philosophic and economic affinities.  


Artist Statement on Series LOVE        For the series Love I take on four different types of love: embodied as Eros (life instinct); Philia (mutual love between family and friends); Agape (selfless love between everyone or God); and Storge (a natural affection which can be applied equally to the non-human world). The term Geisteswissenschafter describes my work in that I explore human behavior or science in the spirit of Love.

       For instance in the painting “Cosmos”, I combine formal scientific and social science as exemplified in Euclid’s elements, where geometry is brought to the natural world with solid, liquid, fire and air. Combining the understanding of human behavior by showing the nakedness of the religious figures of Adam and Eve, we see humans as animals as they were in harmony holding up the Cosmos before “the fall”.

       In the painting “To my small hearth his fire came” the element of fire is center stage in the painting and reads easily as combining a passionate Eros of the embraced couple to the warm brightness of fire as mini sun. Fire is a “storge” form of love as we have a natural affection to the nonhuman word with the warmth and safety fire brings, as well as in the “natural” that sets the tone of the narrative.

       In addressing mythological subjects, legends or stories which I place in my own moment and time, to weave together ideas of science and humanism in the art of love. What may appear to be sentimental at first glance, is an investigation of curiosity into the clash of defining what we experience as myth, definitions of love, the science in love and the joy of painting all converged together to add an intellectual investigation into ideas which may be challenging to my viewers, but no less a collaboration with them.