A Sign in the Sky of Someone Somewhere Else, 2019 36 x36 inches $3500..jpg

IA Sign in the Sky of Someone, Somewhere Else

The dolphin and her offspring get to live in a floating universe of stars.

I was inspired by the winter night sky and how on one clear night I saw the largest object visible in the universe, besides a planet, called the Orion’s Belt. It got me to thinking about space travel.  Voyager I probe launched in 1977 is still carrying it’s gold plated disc recording with images, out to space forever. I wonder if this time capsule will ever come across intelligent life.

 I have been studying the Octopus in my last paintings. The spiral shapes of the arms as they extend out, fall into my fascination with the Fibonacci geometric spiral shape, and is repeated in the compositional map on the surface of the painting of sparkling crystals. This sea animal’s beautiful colors change with it’s emotions. It inhabits a world far away from outer space on the sea floor. Paradoxically the animal has a very deadly poison in it’s bite,  repeated in another animal found in my paintings, the coral snake. Both have a scarlet red touching yellow, colors that are known to be the most attractive (see McDonalds golden arch).