Storefront- works on paper NOW OPEN

Works on paper still display the same unique emotions of the paintings and are more easily put into your collection because of a lower price that works on paper generally have, so for them has been created.

Many paintings have studies made before their production or sketches as the work progresses that pile up in the "flat files".

I have a gallery now that wants to show and sell my original paintings, leaving studies and works on paper as pictures that do not make financial sense for the gallery to promote. I understand and I value the pastels, watercolors, drawings, etchings and will sell these originals to good homes at low cost this online store The Artist Network.

It is just as easy to include other Artist's that I believe in.

These artists are in the Network because their vision is completely different from mine, and are professional people that are trustworthy in sharing resources among the community of a small (12 member) artist's group.

This link will soon bring you directly to the secure merchant store: You will be able to view with the best tools, and buy with a direct client to artist relationship having their email, video chat room times and shipping address. All art will have a 7 day full refund with return shipping of the piece undamaged.