Last break from the painting

As the CHF article says I balance production verses promotion and this morning I am back in front of St Joan painting. I am finishing up with a quick blog post. Seth Godin is a respected marketing person that I have read a bit of and bought some books on tape for my vacation travel times. I just found out he went to the same high school as me in the class below me. I remembered I liked him so I tried to friend him in social media. What a dream that would be to have direction in this new world order of art business marketing to have a star like him on board.

Working on that “Artist statement” which seems to be always developing- ……I blend modernist and traditional art painting techniques into stories with animal and/or animals with people in a symbolic, imaginary world. The artworks subjects are drawn from current events of interest, science, math or the spiritual/symbolic happenings I in the world. Though a mediative process of particular people areas of iconography are also present.

A work in progress post

The Bob Blockburn Printmaking Workshop in NYC gave me such a great foundation in  the collaborative process  to learn fine art printmaking. I love to be among artists making prints and it is with joy I will  re visit the experience by sharing with the world a PMW of my own in Bob's tradition. Beginning with China, I built a website for a school that I hope will honor Bob by reaching out for World Peace  by this artist spirit of a printmaking workshop. The details are being worked out with help from my team especially Jenny who is in Asia at this time seeing if we can bring students here.  If you are curious, please take a look at the new website  here