Is this another "mee too"

The idea of studies for paintings are really tests in my spirit. Am I interested enough in this to bring it into a painting.  Will others see a story they are interested in? Studies may have elements of painting buy they lack something...still valued but different.



The projects don't end .... on to another.

The Team I have been forming is working hard along side me to promote my artwork. 

It's not that I haven't tried, I just get sidetracked back into my paintings and the fun part of an art career- making creative art.

I am using this image as the 1st one to ask my focus group to give their input onto in the mind meister software. I now have a writer by my side that can compile the thoughts into beautiful explanations. I have tried stories and copy of all sorts but feel this new effort will be very fruitful.

Here is the picture I chose because I is one that will be in a show in a professional art gallery in Washington DC in May.  


I enjoy being out there in front of an "Art Crowd" !

There is nothing better then being around other artists and art lovers especially when in a spirit of comradery. I enjoyed this group show that Ann Marie Cash Levasseur created, and hope I am invited to again next year. 

Someone asked for a picture of my collaboration piece to be posted so here it is along with some fun PR pics.


A few 15 mins of Fame

Working on my "Top Secret" painting for the following show this fall. I am excited to invite people to what will be a really fun opening. 

Surrealism is big around here, with a Salvatore Dali museum in St Pete and the site below shows how the Surrealism Game is game on! 

This was my part-  click below too for more from the show


Open for Business: Portrait Commissions

- Diaz Family- Ashley, Mason and Julio. Pastel 30" x 40". I find making people happy with my art is rewarding. I guess I have been avoiding portrait commissions because I want to chose whom I draw or paint. This is a little silly as most of those that ask me I already know and like. These two people are a loving couple that I have had the pleasures to know for a while in their professions in the Healing Art. When little Mason came on the scene it was a time of great excitement and joy. I hope they like this portrait. 

I have yet to tell people that I will do more portraits. Please give me a shout via the contact info here and we can speak by phone of your portrait request.

julio ashely mason.jpg