911 giclee canvas gallery wrap print

911 giclee canvas gallery wrap print 20 x 24 inches

$ 215.00

Living in NYC I needed to set the 911 image in my mind onto a canvas. I am a Catholic and I chose the time in the event where Father Judd was in the 1st building blessing fallen firefighter Peter Carroll #1 Bkyln, as the building collapsed. The Virgin Mother is central to me but as I recall every religion was equal and united in those days as we walked around in a daze.

It is a reminder and an honor that can go well into the future..

Prayers still for the souls and each print sold 20% goes to the 911 family fund.

911 in 2019.jpg

Facebook live or Instagram TV

I would rather make a edited video then do IGTV or Facebook live. I have been thinking more about why my work has not been presented to the world more. When I left NYC I did so with the belief that the internet and technology were going to make it possible to present my art for sharing and for sales… it is not an oasis here but I am finding my way.

Please take a look at my video about the why and the how this painting was made.

Vacations are Lovely.... just need to take more!!

On vacation I completed the painting “St Joan of Arc”. I took several photos of as it progressed in order to make a video. Will be posted after editing is finished.

In the honor of video and my efforts today, here is one on the old side.

Part one of two parts of a video. Speed it up … I don’t know what I did with part 2 but here is the completed pastel… It is for sale at a low price because of the difficulty in storage for me and best to have someone purchase it to frame it. Actually make a bid.

fire pastel jules 2016.jpg

Last break from the painting

As the CHF article says I balance production verses promotion and this morning I am back in front of St Joan painting. I am finishing up with a quick blog post. Seth Godin is a respected marketing person that I have read a bit of and bought some books on tape for my vacation travel times. I just found out he went to the same high school as me in the class below me. I remembered I liked him so I tried to friend him in social media. What a dream that would be to have direction in this new world order of art business marketing to have a star like him on board.

Working on that “Artist statement” which seems to be always developing- ……I blend modernist and traditional art painting techniques into stories with animal and/or animals with people in a symbolic, imaginary world. The artworks subjects are drawn from current events of interest, science, math or the spiritual/symbolic happenings I in the world. Though a mediative process of particular people areas of iconography are also present.

I thought of an elevator speech this morning...

I blend modernist and traditional art techniques onto stories with animal and people subjects drawn from current events, science, math or the spiritual.

btfOJ 1.jpg

I heard that OJ is vloging.

This is a painting done in 1991 during the OJ Simpson trial. I was his children Jason and Arnell’s babysitter in Buffalo. I was very impressed as any teenager would be at the celebrity surrounding him. I liked him and his family and friends very much. This was done in an “Icon” way with hope that the butterflies could find their way out the narrow window.

I can't believe this next painting is taking so long!

It has been over a month that I have been painting Nortra Dame and all the while I have been taking photos of it in progress. I am excited to then make another step by step video of it It is quite a complex composition with many parts. Here are a few of the detail snap shots I have been posting to social.

The Thing that Eats the Heart is Mostly Heart.... Hercules

In these times of conflicting ideas and Ideals we must remember consequences of entering into a fight. Isn’t it best to struggle and try to get along instead of entering into conflict? Conflict, as this image suggests, leads to someone being victorious and the other defeated. It is a shame that someone must be a winner and someone defeated. We look to art to speak and I hope this image can remind us to have more care with each other avoiding conflict.

I shelter myself from too strong a reality by using an irrational imagined blue color for the lion. This tone of blue usually softens , it makes me think of the clay figure in blue Hippo from Ancient Egypt, a Hippo is an unpredictable beast that does not like humans. This may be why the figure skin complexion is not European. Lion’s almost cartoon eyes pop out in yellow, a psychological color, in disbelief and regret.

“Hercules… The Thing that Eats the Heart is Mostly Heart” Oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 24” x 24”.


Artsy Shark Showcase

Like most artists, I have to share my time between creating and promoting. I spent a good number of hours lately on the promotion and the 1st day of spring pulls me back into the studio of creation. To complete this last round of promotional activities I finished up three things. Actually put some art in a local restaurant, sent Artsy Shark Showcase materials for publication and photoed paintings in Situ (room with a view) for KYO gallery.

art.1 018.jpg

Women's Caucus for Art

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this yet ! I have been involved with this group for many good reasons. It is about time to join artists in voice and speak the words “we have not been included” ; and the time is right.

I went as the president of the WCA State of Florida, to NYC, to the National annual meeting where there were many interesting artists and art professionals in an atmosphere of great education and sharing. One interesting area I am volunteering for is helping the young women artists group (pic here). I see that communication is the seed for change and am doing things to grow virtual online meetings of artists. ( I have contacted them to get the names) but here is their fb page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenscaucushumboldt/


Clark Hulings Fund for Artists

I found this on the website of CHF, they gave a lot of great art business advice to this wonderful group of artists…..business for artists. I must do! Google about them. I highly recommend.

Yes ! a very inspiring weekend. There I am, not being afraid to put myself front and center again!!!

Yes ! a very inspiring weekend. There I am, not being afraid to put myself front and center again!!!

A Sign of Something Somewhere Else

A Sign of Something Somewhere Else- this title of my latest painting. The objects are Octopus, Dolphins and Orion’s Belt star cluster.

I was inspired by the winter night sky and how on one clear night I saw the largest object visible in the universe, besides a planet, called the Orion’s Belt. It got me to thinking about space travel.  Voyager I probe launched in 1977 is still carrying it’s gold plated disc recording with images, out to space forever. I wonder if this time capsule will ever come across intelligent life. I looked this up on Wikipedia and found the 1st version a plain plaque on Pioneer probe, it pretty fascinating.

plaque on space prob.JPG
A Sign in the Sky of Someone Somewhere Else, 2019 36 x36 inches $3500..jpg

Art Basel Miami

I have seen this fun couple every year at the fair. Got my picture with them this time, as they spoke with a dealer. I have spoke to them. They are collectors, eccentric and actually very nice.